Harris Turkey Farm


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267 Bridge St West Newfield, ME 04095
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​Phone: 207-432-5223
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Know your farmer, know your food

We are a small, 3 acre farm located in the rural town of West Newfield, Maine. We believe in locally raised food, and raising animals in the most wholesome and humane manner possible. Giving respect and a good life to the animal, results in a better quality product. We limit the number of birds we raise to ensure each turkey has ample space and low stress. We highly encourage you to visit any farm you might purchase from before you buy, and see how the animals are raised.

About Our Turkeys
The turkeys are purchased as day old poults from certified disease free  hatcheries.  Once they arrive here, we put them into our turkey nursery where they are kept at 90 degrees F for a week.  As they grow older, we reduce the temperature until they are able to live outside, about 5 weeks.  They are fed an all natural high protein starter diet for several weeks.  This provides more than protein and energy, it provides them with ideal levels of minerals and vitamins to develop a strong and healthy body.

We spend a lot of time with our flocks to ensure they are all  healthy and growing normally.  They enjoy a large outdoor fenced area that is covered with green grass and lush vegetation which gives them shade from the summer sun, and protection from overhead predators until they are bigger. They love to pick at the plants, bugs and rocks (small rocks are  necessary for healthy digestion of whole grains.) As the season progresses, they consume all the vegetation in the pasture.