A Spooktacular Treat!

A Spooktacular Treat!

Headed to a Halloween Party?  Did you get asked to bring a treat to share, but don't have the time to make something elaborate!  Have no fear......  I have a super simple and ghoulish recipe for you to try!

  • For the wrist and arm: We used an 8-ounce Murray’s Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Prosciutto and basil roll, which was just the right width (bonus: it’s already covered with prosciutto.We loved the way the swirl inside looks when sliced.


  • For the fingers: We used two 3-ounce packages of Rollino Prosciutto and Mozzarella Cheese rolls. The thinly sliced cheese rolled in the meat were easy to cut to the right lengths. And the thin rolled mozzarella sticking out of one end was easy to trim into pointy fingernails. (You could buy string cheese and wrap them in the prosciutto yourself.) Or for the fingernails you can use almond slices and shove them into the cheese.


  • For the back of the hand: We molded 5 to 6 ounces of fresh goat cheese into the right shape. We used two 3-ounce packages of Parma Prosciutto di Parma to cover the palm and cover up any joints that needed camouflage.


  • For shaping: Some people create the hand free-form, but if you need a guide, you can trace someone’s hand on parchment or wax paper. Here's a good tip: After fashioning the hand on the parchment or wax paper, freeze it until it’s rigid, then peel the backing off and place the hand on the serving platter.



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