I'm melllllttttting....  But my chocolate is not!

I'm melllllttttting.... But my chocolate is not!

With the high heat we've been experiencing here in Maine, it's more important than ever to take extra care of your chocolate during the Sunshine Trail on July 20th. To ensure your Wright Chocolate House chocolates stay perfectly cool and delicious, we’ve compiled some simple and effective ways to prevent them from melting. Follow these tips and enjoy your sweet treats without worrying about the summer heat!

1. Insulated Bags

Cost effective ways to keep your chocolate from melting is by using insulated bags. These bags are designed to maintain a consistent temperature, keeping your chocolate cool and fresh.


  • Choose a high-quality insulated bag: The better the insulation, the longer your chocolate will stay cool.
  • Include ice packs: Place a few ice packs inside the bag to help maintain a lower temperature. Be sure to wrap them in a cloth to prevent any condensation from reaching your chocolate.
  • Keep the bag closed: Limit the amount of time the bag is open to maintain the cool temperature inside.
  • Wright Chocolate House has ice packs available to add to your insulated bags and coolers, Free of Charge.  All you need to do is ask! 

2. Plan Your Purchase Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to preserving your chocolate on a hot day. Plan to purchase your chocolate towards the end of your Sunshine Trail adventure. This way, you minimize the time it spends in the heat.


  • Make Wright Chocolate House your last stop: Enjoy all the other attractions and shops first, then head to Wright Chocolate House just before you head home.
  • Quick transportation: After purchasing, transport your chocolate to a cool place as quickly as possible, whether it’s your car or a shaded area.

3. Utilize Coolers

If you’re spending an extended amount of time on the Sunshine Trail, consider bringing a small cooler with you. Coolers provide excellent insulation and, when packed with ice or frozen gel packs, can keep your chocolate fresh for hours.


  • Choose a compact cooler: A smaller cooler is easier to carry and keeps the contents cold for longer.
  • Use frozen water bottles: Instead of ice packs, you can freeze water bottles. They’ll keep your chocolate cool and provide a refreshing drink as they melt.
  • Pre-cool the cooler: Place ice packs in the cooler a few hours before your trip to ensure it starts off cold.
  • Wright Chocolate House has a limited supply of coolers available for customers who came unprepared to beat the heat!

4. Store Chocolate with Reflective Materials

Using reflective materials can help deflect heat away from your chocolate, keeping it cooler for longer periods. Wrapping your chocolate in aluminum foil or placing it inside reflective thermal bags can make a significant difference.


  • Wrap in aluminum foil: Before placing your chocolate in an insulated bag or cooler, wrap it in aluminum foil to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Use thermal bags: Reflective thermal bags are designed to maintain temperature and are perfect for keeping chocolate cool. They can be found at most grocery or outdoor stores.
  • Combine methods: Use reflective materials in conjunction with insulated bags or coolers for maximum protection.

5. Seek Out Shade

While exploring the Sunshine Trail, take advantage of shaded areas to protect your chocolate from direct sunlight. Shade can significantly reduce the temperature and help keep your chocolate in perfect condition.


  • Map out shady spots: Identify shaded areas along the trail where you can take breaks and check on your chocolate.
  • Use an umbrella: Carry a small umbrella to create your own shade wherever you go.
  • Avoid car heat: If you need to leave your chocolate in the car, park in a shaded area and crack the windows to keep the temperature down.


Enjoying Wright Chocolate House on the Sunshine Trail is a delightful experience, and with a little planning, you can ensure your chocolate remains fresh and delicious. Whether you use insulated bags, plan your purchase timing, bring a cooler, store chocolate with reflective materials, or seek out shade, these tips will help you savor every bite of your Wright Chocolate House treats. Don’t let the summer heat deter you from indulging in the finest chocolates from Limerick—use these strategies to keep your chocolate in perfect condition all day long. Happy trails and happy tasting!

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